Psychotic experiences are common and could be an early indicator of serious and life-threatening mental illness. Many of us have unusual experiences, such as seeing something that is not there, or hearing voices when we are alone and there is no obvious source, or perhaps being suspicious or confused. This research aims to collect characteristics of these experiences, which include details like the frequency, intensity, and impact on daily activities.

Data from the study will shed light on how common are these experiences in the population of Qatar and explore their associations with psychological well-being, cultural factors, and socio-demographics. By collecting data and analyzing in detail characteristics of these experiences, we will learn for the first time similarities and differences of risk factors to psychosis across the spectrum of psychopathology in Qatar’s context.

Data from the study will provide baseline information to inform early detection, prevention, and treatment of severe mental illness in the earlier stages of the illness and inform stigma-free route for people with serious symptoms to come into contact with mental health care services.




Hamad Medical Cop






Qatar National Research Fund (National Priorities Research Program – Cycle 11)


Ministry of Public Health

Sidra Medical Research Center


We invite you to participate in this innovative study as it offers an opportunity to understand the prevalence of key indicators of psychotic experiences in the population of Qatar by means of a confidential survey.

If you live in Qatar and you are 18 years old or above, you are invited to participate in our study.

You can complete the anonymous online questionnaire in English or Arabic.

We aim to determine the prevalence of psychotic experiences in the population of Qatar. The results of the study will allow policy makers to develop services closest to those at need. This work has the potential to facilitate prevention and treatment, for instance, offering an easily accessible route for participants to make contact with professional mental health experts in case psychotic experiences are severe. Moreover, this study will support research training locally by providing a framework for future studies.

The residents of Qatar who are 18 years old or above and can speak English or Arabic are eligible to take part in the survey.

Your contribution is essential in helping us determine the prevalence and the risk factors of psychotic experiences. The outcomes of the study are expected to have a significant impact on how the policy makers will develop services to prevent and treat psychosis

Approximately 25 minutes will be required from your time to complete the survey.

The survey includes questions about socio-demographic details, general health, unusual sensory experiences (e.g. auditory, visual, tactile), beliefs, and perceptual attitudes.

This survey will not result in any harm to you personally. You can skip the questions that make you feel uncomfortable or that you do not want to answer. We would like to assure you that your data will be confidential and only researchers taking part in this study will have access to it.

We adhere to ethical regulations and policies to ensure your data are secured and safe. Standard research protocols and HIPAA regulations are followed in order to protect the confidentiality of study participants throughout the study period from start to completion. The datasets will not contain any personal information of the respondent. Full names will not be taken and codes will be assigned to all respondents in the study.

All procedures performed in this study are in accordance with the ethical standards of Qatar University – Institutional Review Board (QU-IRB). The study has been approved with the following approval number: QU-IRB 1021-EA/19. QU-IRB ensures that researchers comply to generally accepted scientific principles and refrain from unacceptable practices, and that all proposed research is carried out safely and ethically in accordance with national and international standards.

Who should I contact to find out more?

In case you would like to know more information about the study or you would like to express your queries and concerns, you can contact the research team at: qpe@qu.edu.qa



You can contact the research team at: qpe@qu.edu.qa.

For contacting the Lead Principal Investigators:
Dr. Majid Abdullah, Chair of Psychiatry, Hamad Medical Corporation, Email: malabdulla3@hamad.qa

Dr. Salma Khaled, Associate Research Professor, Social and Economic Survey Research Institute, Qatar University. Email: skhaled@qu.edu.qa.


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